Help vulnerable families survive the winter — from Afghanistan to Nigeria, and Mongolia to Malawi

Vulnerable People Project Webcast • Wednesday, December 6 • 9 PM ET



December 6

9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific

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Featured Presenters:

Jason Jones
Filmmaker, producer, activist, founder & CEO of Vulnerable People Project

Prince Wafa
Afghanistan Operation Manager for Vulnerable People Project

Marilis Pineiro
Legislative & Diplomatic Liaison for Vulnerable People Project

Nicole Ibrahim
Development Manager for Vulnerable People Project

David Bereit
Christian leader, host of The David Bereit Show

In the West, coal in a Christmas stocking is reserved for those who’ve been naughty. But in vulnerable communities around the world — from Afghanistan to Nigeria, from Mongolia to Malawi — coal is a precious gift of survival.

This winter, families across these regions face a life-and-death struggle against freezing temperatures and need help.

On the Feast of St. Nicholas, join us for this one-time-only “Coal for Christmas” webcast, where you’ll find out how compassion can transform coal and food into lifelines of warmth and sustenance for those in dire need across the globe.

By attending, you’ll discover:

  • The Global Crisis: Delve into the stories of families in various countries braving the winter; uncover the harsh realities they endure, igniting a call for compassion and understanding within the Body of Christ
  • Compassion in Action: Learn how acts of kindness, both big and small, create monumental differences, reshaping lives in diverse communities and embodying the spirit of Christian love
  • The Untold Stories of Hope: Be moved by powerful testimonies of resilience and courageous faith worldwide, touching hearts and inspiring a deeper sense of global brotherhood and empathy
  • The Ripple Effect: Explore the extensive impact of your participation in this mission, fostering a larger movement of hope and support, transforming lives beyond the immediate crisis
  • Innovative Solutions in Challenging Times: Gain insights into the creative and effective strategies employed by the Vulnerable People Project, providing aid and comfort on the front lines in some of the world’s most challenging environments
  • And much, much more!

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: As winter’s grip tightens on vulnerable communities worldwide, countless families face the dire threat of freezing temperatures and starvation. This crisis, deepened by ongoing turmoil and conflict in various regions, puts innocent lives in peril daily. Join this ONE-TIME-ONLY webcast to learn how your compassion and action can bring critical warmth and hope to those in desperate need across multiple countries. This invitation is being extended to thousands of people across the globe...

... So secure your spot NOW, before it’s too late!

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